We hosted a committee of Ministry of agriculture and forestry


Our Provincial Director Mr. Funda Eylem ÖZEL, Our Director of Agriculture Provincial Food Branch Mr. Taner AKÇAKAYA and

other Esteemed Delegation Members came to our factory and made inspections.

We would like to thank all our delegation for their interest and relevance…

CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY has published news about our start-up process.

CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY company, which is serving production equipment, automation system, consultancy, shared a news in its website about our factory that has successfully started production.

In the news, the success of our engineers who established the facility by communicating mostly in the form of video calls due to pandemic constraints was mentioned.

We congratulate our dear friend Cesare PELUCCHINI and our entire team and wish them continued success in our future investments.

Rector Prof. Dr. Bülent ŞENGÖRÜR visited our factory.

We welcomed,  T.C. Kırklareli University Rector Prof. Dr.Bülent ŞENGÖRÜR in our factory.

We mutually shared ideas on the beautiful bonds we can create between our university and our factory.

Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Bülent ŞENGÖRÜR for his support and good wishes.

Our New Refined Glycerine Factory in Kırklareli OIZ Started Production.

Our refined glycerine factory in Kırklareli OIZ started production.

Our Website has been Updated

Our website is at your service with its new interface …

Our Kırklareli Governor Mr. Osman BİLGİN visited our factory.

The Governor of Kırklareli, Mr. Osman BİLGİN visited our Refined Glycerine factory and received informations from our colleagues.

We thanks to Mr.Governor for his kind wishes and warm interest.