New Internet Addresses Online

Due to the emphasis on creative marketing strategies, our company continues to expand its virtual advertising network.

In order to develop our share in the market and to reach wider audiences on a global scale;

Been added into our internet addresses permanently.

We Hosted Our Friends From CMBItaly in Our Factory

Mr.Andrea Bernardini and Mr.Daniele Mora from CMBITALY Technoilogy has visited our factory in Kırklareli.
We made meeting about new coperations, our investments and capacity development.

Thanks to our friends again for their visit.

Global Shortage and Price Rising in Oil Crops

Analysts expect that supplies of corn and soybeans will continue shrinking to multi-year lows in USA.
2020/21 U.S. corn stocks-to-use fell to 10.3%, also a 7-year low and down from 13.7% in 2019/20.

In the other hand South America is still running with low stocks on soy since last quarter of 2020.
Soybean meal crushers and traders in Argentina and Brazil are dealing with holdups in raw bean supply. Soybean farmers in Brazil have reduced stocks, and farmers in Argentina are disinclined to sell their inventories as a result of the government’s punitive tax and low harvest foreseen.

In that much negativity, China is still the biggest buyer.
After they could not collect the usual amounts from their old and trusted suppliers Indonesia and Malaysia, China started to import much more edible and industrial oil crops and crude oils from other regions.
As a 2nd big new customer for those regions, India and the biggest buyer China, started to drain all oil resources from worldwide and it has been caused a sharp rising on prices.

Exports Are Still Dominating Our Sales In 2021

Two biggest regions of oleochemicals, South-East Asia and South America are bearing with high costs for long time.
After unproductive harvest times in a row, manufacturers are facing with shortage on their raw material.
In the other hand, 4-5 weeks of delays on shipments and extremely high freight prices caused very big problem on suppply chain.
Glycerine prices increased with three digits in last week and not seems to fall down in short-term.

In this troubled period, we have met all glycerine needs of our clients.
With our sustain raw material stocks and strong shipping organisations, we are going forward in global market every week.

Our Exports to Europe Increased in Pandemic

Our export volume to European continental has been increased %45 in the last quarter of 2020.
Although operational problems in transportation because of increased restrictions in pandemic, We are serving fast and faultless supply to our European clients thanks to our location.

HCC – Your Trade Partner In The Region…

Promotional Video of Our Pharma Glycerine Factory is Online

We are pleased to present promotional video of our Pharma & Food Quality Refined Glycerine factory located in Kırklareli Organized Industrial Zone.

Many thanks to everyone who involved this wonderful journey with us…



We hosted a committee of Ministry of agriculture and forestry


Our Provincial Director Mr. Funda Eylem ÖZEL, Our Director of Agriculture Provincial Food Branch Mr. Taner AKÇAKAYA and

other Esteemed Delegation Members came to our factory and made inspections.

We would like to thank all our delegation for their interest and relevance…

CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY has published news about our start-up process.

CMBITALY-TECHNOILOGY company, which is serving production equipment, automation system, consultancy, shared a news in its website about our factory that has successfully started production.

In the news, the success of our engineers who established the facility by communicating mostly in the form of video calls due to pandemic constraints was mentioned.

We congratulate our dear friend Cesare PELUCCHINI and our entire team and wish them continued success in our future investments.

Rector Prof. Dr. Bülent ŞENGÖRÜR visited our factory.

We welcomed,  T.C. Kırklareli University Rector Prof. Dr.Bülent ŞENGÖRÜR in our factory.

We mutually shared ideas on the beautiful bonds we can create between our university and our factory.

Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Bülent ŞENGÖRÜR for his support and good wishes.

Our New Refined Glycerine Factory in Kırklareli OIZ Started Production.

Our refined glycerine factory in Kırklareli OIZ started production.